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For owners

What services do you offer?

Holidayhome is an advertising service for owners of holiday properties, who want to rent their property in an easy manner for short periods (mostly vacations, weekends, ...).

How does advertising work?

Creating an advertisement is simple: register an account and add your property.

Possible renters can contact you by e-mail. After that, you take care of the rental without further interference or costs from Holidayhome.

What does it cost?

Advertising on is low cost: the first 6 months are free, after that, it's only 10 EUR for a 6 months renewal and 15 EUR for a 12 months renewal paid by iDeal, Bancontact or credit card. Renewal is not oblige.

How do I receive requests?

Possible renters contact you by e-mail, sent via the Holidayhome interface.

Can I change my ad?

It is possible to change your ad at any time. Changes are visible immediately for each visitor. You have to be logged in to change your ad.

What information do I put in my ad?

Not all information is required. Obviously, the more information you specify, the more visitors your ad will attract. Ads are only visible when a certain amount of information is specified.

What's the photo format?

Please use JPEG (.jpg) photos. The maximum size is 400kb. Photos will be resized to a standard format on our servers. It is best to use only horizontal pictures, for this gives a better visible result on the website.

Any more hints?

  • Make sure your ad is interesting for possible visitors.

  • Use good photos: well illuminated and clear. Blurry photos scare potential renters.

  • Keep your prices reasonable: not too high, but also not too low. If you ask a higher price than similar houses, give an indication why your prices are higher. Mention your advantages.

  • Fast answers on information requests are perfect: people who are in search of a holiday house are frequently fast decision makers. If you do not answer fast, one chooses another house.

What is the difference between Holidayhome and other sites?

There are 2 main differences:

  • Holidayhome is only an advertisement site, and does no rent of houses. The owner of the property is responsible for his advertisement and offered property.

  • Holidayhome charges no extra costs per rental: as an owner, you only pay for the advertisement, nothing more.

How do I remove my property?

It is best to send us an e-mail for the removal of your property. No refunds will be made for removals.

For visitors

What are the advantages of Holidayhome for me?

By using Holidayhome, you find a holiday house which meets your criteria rapidly and easily. You can contact the owner for further information or for a reservation. Holidayhome does not interfere with your reservation, as a result of which the owner can offer his property for a better price.

How do I remove my account?

It is best to send us an e-mail for the removal of your account.