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Terms & conditions

These terms and conditions are a translation of the original Dutch version. The Dutch version is the official version, the translated version is for information purposes only and will never be treated as official.

Offered services is no travel organisation. This Internet site offers only a platform to owners of holiday homes and recreational activities to make their property recognizable to public. The communication between owner and renter initiates by means of the Internet site From the moment that this communication has started, all liability is at the expense of owner and renter. declines all liability for any direct or indirect damage, results from or in some respect is related to the use of this site or the activities of a renter/owner of a property.

Copyright and contents

Texts, lay-out, images, script and other items on this site are protected by copyright. Copies, adaptations, translations, versions, modifications of whole or of a part of this site, in any form or manner, are prohibited, unless preceding written authorisation has been granted by the owner of Each violation can lead to civil rights or criminal prosecution.

Information inside advertisements

Information which is supplied within an advertisement or brochure is only indicative and not binding. is under no circumstances responsible for the contents of these advertisements.

External information

This Internet site contains links to Internet sites or to web pages of third parties. We have no control of the contents or other characteristics of these sites and are under no circumstances responsible for the contents of it.

Link to this site

It is permitted, without preceding written authorisation of the website owner, to put a link between your site and the site of On our link page, some possibilities of links are demonstrated.

Purpose of using personal information

If you transfer your personal details to us, these are incorporated in our files and are processed for the management of our member file and the offered service, and to inform you about updates and products which assume Data are under no circumstances passed on without your personal authorisation to third parties.


To offer you an optimal service, we make use of "cookies", which are a small piece information that is stored on your computer: these cookies can be picked up during a later visit to the same site. The cookie are not possible read by another Internet site than our website. You have the possibility in your browser to configure it that it informs you each time cookies are produced or used.

Your rights

For further general information you can always contact the Commissie voor de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer bij het Ministerie van Justitie. (, Waterloolaan 115, 1000 Brussel.

Report violation of privacy

If you think that a member commits an unlawful violation on your privacy, you are requested to inform immediately by electronic mail on the following address: We will apply all our possibilities to trace the problem and take the necessary measures.

Control of your private communication preserves the right to check and examine information concerning the bulletins, such as the contents, the source or the destination of it, ..., if we are suspecting that the whole or part of this communication concerns illegal or unlawful activities, or if we are enforced to by authorities. Except when the control happens at the request of authorities, the control of can only relate to the bulletins with a public or not-confidential character, this means the information which is himself on a web page, without this list being restrictive.

Direct/indirect damage

We decline all responsability for any direct or indirect damage, which results from or is related to the use of this site or with the temporary impossibility to consult this site.

Tariffs on our website

The reflected data and tariffs are communicated without any warranty. The tariffs are liable to modification by and can be held by no means responsible for erroneous information. Repayments are not carried out.